work party 2nd October

Our work party on 2nd October saw beautiful blue skies and warm temperatures which brought a steady flow of visitors to the station site. In between chatting to these visitors our main job was to dig a new flower border alongside the ‘down’ platform near its southern end. Not an easy job this due to the amount of track ballast under the soil, but it will make an attractive decorative display alongside one of our two new timber benches. This part of the platform edge is historically interesting, as it marks where the original platform was further extended around 1901 to match the new ‘up’ platform. The difference in construction methods can be clearly seen in the photo below. The extension would have been topped with edging slabs to match the height of the original platform, but over the years these have mysteriously vanished along with others at the station….

The team also discussed projects for the coming winter months and into next year. Apart from ground clearance work for our planned new café on the ‘down’ platform, we aim to construct railway-style signage for the station site in keeping with original signs seen in old photos. These will include two large running-in boards – one on each platform.


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