work party 30th April

A good turnout of passers-by this morning, but rain stopped play just after lunchtime. The rain is actually quite welcome (well, it is a Bank Holiday weekend after all….) as it has been dry for so long and everything is in need of a good soaking! Also our water butts needed refilling, as there is no  available mains water supply on site. Amongst the visitors were two guys who stopped for teas on their long cycle ride from Shillingstone to Swanage. One small job for today was replacing the nylon cord on our horse hitching post, as some kind person has decided to cut the old one for some unknown reason. Otherwise we finished grading the embankment behind the ‘up’ platform, and determining the position of the two replica running-in boards which are nearing completion off site. These should be moved on site in the near future.

work party 16th April

Easter Sunday was very busy at the station. A couple of local residents who have adopted a flower bed were up on site carefully tending their plots, and these are starting to look great. We have several  other flower beds awaiting adoption, if you are interested in helping out please call Moira on 0776 1383563. The team were also busy landscaping the area near the road bridge. Recent tree felling undertaken by Dorset County Council has resulted in this area looking a little bare, so we have planted some shrubs to fill it up a bit.

work party 2nd April

Spring was definitely in the air today with some warm sunshine for the workers and visitors to enjoy. We were delighted to have been presented with a new bench generously provided by Blandford & District Lions, and brought up to the station today by Veronica, Nigel and Tony. This replaces the bench sadly vandalised last year and which had been originally donated by a local resident, Roy Guscott. Roy, now in his 80’s, is a frequent visitor to the station with his dog but finds any great distance a bit of a struggle, so he kindly provided the bench to give a nice resting place on his daily walks. Blandford & District Lions were keen to help replace the bench, and the concrete base to which it is firmly fixed was provided by the Spetisbury Station Project team. For more information about the Lions, please email or call 0845 8332742.

There are now five local ladies and gentleman who have adopted flower beds at the station, and they are doing a marvellous job in helping make the site look its best for all visitors. If you are interested in helping out, please call Moira on 0776 1383563