work party 1st October

Well here we are into October but the first work party of the month was a bit of a wash out due to the wet weather, although despite this there was a steady stream of walkers, runners and horse-riders passing through on the North Dorset Trailway. Instead the team took the opportunity to discuss plans for the coming winter and next year. Apart from the ongoing task of keeping the site neat and tidy, we hope to improve the station signage and provide better information panels around the site. We also plan to clear the site of the signal box which has become rather overgrown and neglected again. New hedging to protect nearly residents’ privacy and more benches are also in the pipeline.

Progress on the proposed café and information kiosk has unfortunately stalled whilst we await approval for a licence from Dorset County Council. Likewise, work by DCC on the improved Trailway access at the station site has stalled as reported previously, due to higher than expected costs. We shall continue to try and persuade DCC to resolve both of these issues as soon as possible.


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