relive a rail journey through Spetisbury

Our friend Mike Lees has just sent us a link to his completed rail simulation video of the Somerset & Dorset railway between Spetisbury and Charlton Marshall, including archive footage and commentary. You will almost think you have stepped back in time! More of Mike’s superb rail simulations can also be viewed on YouTube.



5 thoughts on “relive a rail journey through Spetisbury

  1. Good morning, Kevin.

    That was absolutely lovely. I’m going to bring my 90 year old friend round to see it. I believe she took the train to Parkstone Grammar School when she was a girl.

    See you soon.



  2. Very nice, but….the signal-box at Spetisbury was ground-level not elevated, and the crossover had gone long before BR days 🙂


  3. Hi Chris. I agree about the signal box. Trouble is the S&D seemed to build things like their own one offs, not generic, had to make do with what’s in the steam software programme. Some things like all station signs and Blandford signal box etc I had to have specially made. But at least you get the idea.

    As for the crossover switch I did mention in the narration when they were removed in the early 1900’s. Thank you though for mentioning. Hope you enjoyed the video.

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    1. >>>>As for the crossover switch I did mention in the narration…

      Narration? Oh! Well, watching on a PC without sound, I missed that! I’ll try it again elsewhere…..:-) Keep up the good work.

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