archive film of Spetisbury Halt

This fascinating cine film footage of a family waiting for their train at Spetisbury Halt has just been shared with us. Click here to watch it, the Spetisbury sequence starts at 8min 40sec into the film. The remains of the signal box can be seen, and this was intact until at least August 1952, so this dates the film to between 1952 and 1956 when the halt was closed. The brick-built waiting room on the ‘down’ platform is shown, but not the earlier timber buildings which had already been demolished. The concrete foundation of this building can still be seen at the station site today, where the picnic benches are located. It looks like the family were catching the train to Poole as they are shown at the Poole Park Miniature Railway, which is still running today. Although only a brief glimpse, the film shows aspects of the station we haven’t seen before such as the sign warning passengers not to cross the line. This is something we’ll look to recreate in time.

Visit our archive for photographs of the station during its heyday, such as this one.

Spetisbury 1936
passengers wait on the ‘down’ platform in 1936, with ‘Spetisbury’ spelt in chalk on the opposite platform

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