work party 10th June

At this time of year the main task at the station is almost endless grass cutting and hedge trimming to keep the site looking neat and tidy – not an easy job given we are only a small team that meets once a fortnight, and we have quite a large area to manage. Additional volunteers are therefore urgently needed to help us with the above jobs, also general landscaping, maintenance of the platform furniture and painting, etc. If you are interested in joining us, please see the membership page.

We have recently been in talks with station landowner Dorset County Council to acquire a long-term lease to allow us to continue the work at the station. As part of this lease, we have negotiated a slight extension to our boundary and we are now responsible for the trackbed 25m off either end of the platforms. Importantly, this includes the site of the former signal box so in the near future we plan to further excavate these foundations in the hope of bringing to light further artefacts, as well as answering a few questions concerning the signal box.

signal box foundations

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