work party 24th June

What a glorious June day at the station today! Because of the recent spell of hot, dry weather, the grass had become very long so we have our work cut out trying to keep it all looking neat and tidy.  Long grass on the embankments actually looks attractive and forms a habitat for wildlife, but we like to keep the grass on the platforms and alongside the trailway as short as possible. So whilst one of the team cut the grass, another strimmed the edges. But with two platforms each 300′ long, this takes a lot of work! We were also joined by Frances, one of our gardeners, who tended her flower bed near the ‘down’ platform.

Ever since we started work at the station in 2012, an unofficial footpath has existed from the ‘up’ platform into the adjacent field, to give access to the Spetisbury Rings hill fort. Recently the landowner has blocked off this path, and we ask visitors to respect this and instead use the signposted footpath across the field up to the Rings. This can be found by walking a short distance up the lane from the station bridge, then over the stile in the hedge on the left.


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