work party 2nd September

It was good to meet a couple of visitors today who remember using the station when trains were still running, also John from the nearby Shillingstone Railway Project who stopped by to say hello, have a cup of tea with us and deliver some leaflets.

Today we continued clearance of the site of the signal box, which as regular readers of this blog will know is the last building foundation on site we have yet to properly excavate. When we have satisfied ourselves that any railway artefacts have been discovered, and maybe answered some questions about the signal box workings, we plan to tidy up this area and provide information boards on what it looked like and how it worked. We unearthed some burnt material and we wonder if this dates back to when the signal box was demolished – perhaps the timber was burnt before the brickwork was pushed over into the foundations? In one corner though are pieces of glass which are the remains of Leclanche jars, which are early forms of battery and which would have generated electrical current for some of the signal box equipment. We found a couple of intact Leclanche jars when we first started excavations here a few years ago, surprisingly having survived being buried under demolition rubble for over 60 years!