work party 31st March

As mentioned in our last blog, a new feature at Spetisbury station is a landscaped pond on the ‘down’ platform near the seating area. This features high and low water levels to attract various wildlife. Tadpoles and pond weed have been donated by some of our volunteer members whilst the rocks were donated by a resident of Charlton Marshall (the next station up the line towards Blandford). This area is protected by a low picket fence and miniature railway level crossing gate, with a replica signal provided for good measure. The signal can be made to operate using a lever. All the woodwork has been expertly put together by our resident carpenter Mick and the paint, etc, provided by the Spetisbury Station Project. The ‘lamp’ on top of the gate is in fact a bug box! Thanks to all our efforts to encourage and support nature at the station, we are delighted to have been recently awarded ‘Wildlife Friendly Garden’ status by the Dorset Wildlife Trust and given a plaque and certificate to this effect. Other work today included the pruning of the large pussy willow at the southern end of the ‘up’ platform. This is the final stage of clearing the bank behind this platform. Seeing as it was such a nice day, the mower was coaxed into life and some of the grass on the ‘up’ platform and trailway edges given a trim.


a new feature at the station

One project we’ve been working on lately is a small pond on the ‘down’ platform at Spetisbury to encourage more wildlife. This has been protected by a low wooden picket fence and railway-style level crossing gate. A replica semaphore signal has also been added, and this can be operated by children (and adults!) if they wish. This is one of the many improvements we have made to the station site to create a pleasant spot for a picnic or just to sit and admire the views across the Stour Valley.

pond protected by railway-style fencing, gate and signal