work party 14th April

Today we were pleased to welcome a new member Rob to the work party, who along with his wife Sally have become active members of the group. It was also good to see a past member Bob who came up to see what progress has been made at the station, also Bea (one of our garden ladies) with her dog Henry. Now that spring has arrived the site is starting to look very green again after its winter sleep, which means much more work for us to keep it all looking tidy. So if you fancy lending a hand, please get in contact with us – you will be made very welcome!

No sooner had we made a start on continuing levelling the ground around the former signal box when several finds came to light. These are mostly related to the generation of electrical current in accumulator jars for the signalling and telephone equipment. One glass battery jar is stamped with NATIONAL TELEPHONE CO LTD, which existed between 1881 and 1911, later becoming the General Post Office. A ceramic electrical insulator was also found. The team are fans of the TV archaeological series ‘Time Team’ and we tend to get a bit excited when a buried artefact is discovered! The thought that it has likely been hidden and forgotten for over 60 years makes its discovery very interesting historically and every find helps us piece the history of the station together.