help catch the vandals!

Recently there has been a spate of vandalism at the station site, believed to have been caused by a particular group of youngsters who have also been the cause of various damage and other anti-social behaviour incidents in Spetisbury village, Charlton Marshall and Blandford.

The Blandford Neighbourhood Watch team would like to know if this group are seen in the village by emailing – this will help the team know when and where to patrol and will help them gather information on the youths. Dorset Police are also patrolling the area.

Any incident should also be reported to the police non-emergency 101 number.

If reporting an incident either by email or telephone please quote reference number 55200067544 as there is a running log of this anti-social behaviour.

We know who these youngsters are, so please help stop their actions by reporting any sightings of them.

vandalism at the station

Regretfully we have to report two recent cases of vandalism at the station site. On 8th May part of a bird bath was found in the wildlife pond. Then on 9th May the wooden train that provides many visitors both young and not-so-young with a bit of fun was ripped apart and the pieces thrown around the platform.

We are grateful to the local residents who reported the later incident to the police and those who also set about repairing the train. It almost defies belief that some people get pleasure out of detroying items provided for the benefit of the local community.

If you do happen to spot any criminal activity at the station site, please report it using the police non-emergency 101 number. You can also report any damage to us directly using the contact form. Thank you.