vandalism at the station

Regretfully we have to report two recent cases of vandalism at the station site. On 8th May part of a bird bath was found in the wildlife pond. Then on 9th May the wooden train that provides many visitors both young and not-so-young with a bit of fun was ripped apart and the pieces thrown around the platform.

We are grateful to the local residents who reported the later incident to the police and those who also set about repairing the train. It almost defies belief that some people get pleasure out of detroying items provided for the benefit of the local community.

If you do happen to spot any criminal activity at the station site, please report it using the police non-emergency 101 number. You can also report any damage to us directly using the contact form. Thank you.

4 thoughts on “vandalism at the station

  1. Spent a pleasant hour walking along the footpath, passed the woods, through the cornfield and back up to the railway line, to be pleasantly greeted by the station platform and friendly volunteers tending to the flower beds. Haven’t been on this walk for years. A reminder of the shortsightedness of ‘progress’ perhaps and therefore, poignant to our current times. However, despite your own recent experience of vandalism and thoughtlessness and of that witnessed in our beautiful Dorset over the passed few weeks, this afternoon’s walk was delightful and faith in the goodness of human nature was restored – thank you and keep up the good work.

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