station update

We have not yet started official work parties again, but we hope to soon! At the moment it is difficult to hold work parties whilst maintaining social distancing, and we wouldn’t be able to offer refreshments. Keep checking our events diary for the latest updates. However, a couple of members have been up to the station on occasions to keep everything looking neat and tidy so do please stop by and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. Don’t forget, the station site is always open for visitors and entrance is free!

So a good time maybe to delve into the archives again. All railway bridges are allocated identification numbers, and often names to. For instance, the bridge over the lane at Spetisbury station was, according to the Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway, bridge number 213 ‘Spetisbury Station Bridge’. Bridges along the line had a cast metal number plate fixed to them, although all items of scrap value were removed during demolition (if not already taken by collectors of course)! Luckily, plate 213 survives in private ownership and was displayed along with other railway items at a local exhition a few years ago. We aim to make a wooden replica of this plate to fix to the bridge in due course.

new at the station

Two members of the team, Moira and Mick, have just built this great new addition to the station. This little platform is modelled on the one from the Harry Potter films but, instead of The Hogwarts Express, we have The Pines Express (which used to run through Spetisbury on its way to the south coast, and named after the many pine trees around Bournemouth).  A great photo opportunity for the little ones and grown ups too!