we-re back! work party 5th July

Today we resumed organised work parties now that COVID-19 restrictions have eased a bit. However, members observed social-distancing guidelines and we made sure hand cleansing facilities were made available. Some members had been working on site individually over the past few weeks including repainting of the platform furniture and grass cutting. At the site of the old signal box, levelling of the ground has now been completed and  a start made on landscaping. An attractive railway-style fence is also being placed around the foundations. In time this area will be further tidied-up and an information board provided. A small new waiting shelter has also been provided on the ‘up’ platform.  The area on the ‘down’ platform where we hope to provide a future cafe has also been cleared and sown with grass seed, and a picnic bench placed there. Work we intend to tackle next as a matter of priority is renovation of the station signage, which has suffered from the elements over the past winter.

Today the steps up from the lane were cleared of weeds and a start was also made on cutting back the ivy which has began to cover the station building remains again. Other members attended to the flower beds and the log train and worked on the signal box fence. The nice weather brought lots of visitors to the station and it was good to see them making use of the seats and picnic benches. It is just a shame that we are unable to offer refreshments at the moment.