work party 27th September

Today was a beautiful autumnal day with nice warm sunshine after a chilly start. Only two members working on site today, but we both took advantage of the dry, fine weather. Moira busied herself cutting the grass, which is quite a job as there is a lot of it to cut at the station! But after a few hours’ work the site was looking very presentable once again. Kevin carried on working at the site of the signal box. The remaining metalwork was cleaned with a wire brush then given a coat of Hammerite paint which not only enhances it, but will hopefully help preserve it as well.  This metalwork consists of two lengths of old rail which would have supported the signal box floor, also the remains of the cast iron framework which was part of the mechanism that operated the points and signals. In time, an information panel will be provided here to explain what the signal box looked like and how it all worked. 

The replica gradient post has now been installed near the site of the original at the south end of the ‘up’ platform.  It is made of wood, but painted to resemble concrete. This indicated to the engine crews any change of gradient, in this case from level through the station itself changing to 1 in 100 towards Bailey Gate. 

One lady visitor today remarked how she remembers catching the train from Blandford when she was a child. She also told us how the Blandford brewery of Hall & Woodhouse (still in business today) used to send their workers on day trips to the seaside by train.  Finally, we were really pleased to receive an email from a supporter who commented “I continue to find your website a very peaceful place to visit in these confusing times, and really admire the work you’re doing.”