all about signalling

We have just put the finishing touches to the latest addition to the website – a new webpage all about signalling and the signal box. The signal box is just about the most interesting aspect of Spetisbury station that we have excavated, and further research has given us a fascinating insight into its working.

This photograph is of particular interest as it shows Spetisbury station during rebuilding circa 1900, when double track and an extra platform was provided. Prominent is one of the original disc & crossbar signals, which would soon be removed. On the right is the newly built station building on the new ‘up’ platform. On the far left the new signal box is under construction, along with one of the more modern semaphore signals which superseded the disc & crossbar signals. You can just make out a large white cross on the arm of the semaphore signal, which indicated that it was not yet in use. The signal box and new signalling came into operation on 29th April 1901 when double track operation was introduced between Bailey Gate and Blandford.

construction of the signal box (left) circa 1900