work party 9th May, we need your help!

We’re back! We held out first work party of the year today now that lockdown restrictions have been eased, and it was great to be back at the station. We were joined by Frances, one of our gardening ladies, who did a good job of tidying her flower bed. Unfortunately, the heavy rain of yesterday and the steady drizzle this morning meant that we couldn’t accomplish much today, but we did manage to clear the steps up to the platform of weeds. Our little wildlife pond was also looking very attractive now that the plants have matured a bit more.

Four months of no work parties has meant that the station site isn’t looking as neat and tidy as we would normally like, with much grass cutting, weeding and hedge cutting now needed. To be honest, the small team of volunteers do struggle to keep on top of things and we would welcome new members to help out in any capacity. None of the team actually live in Spetisbury, and we would be particularly pleased to see local residents join us to help look after their outdoor space. Details about how to join us can be found here.

wildlife pond

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